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I am studying for MIT from Virtual University Pakistan. When this semester started, I also had to take a final year project, which would span on two semester. VU proposed 4 projects and also encouraged students to submit their custom proposal. I took the opportunity and discussed a possible custom project with my colleagues and friends. We came up with the idea of an Education CRM, which we could develop on top of existing open source software like Sugar CRM and Moodle. Some of the functional requirements, I proposed were:

  1. Extract customer data from LMS which can be used to effectively manage customers in CRM.
  2. Use CRM to document interaction with LMS users. Interaction includes activities, leads, opportunities, cases, bugs and reporting.
  3. Auto-update customer information from LMS in CRM.
  4. Synchronization of student contact information between the two systems.
  5. In CRM display the list of enrolled courses for every student along with grades in those courses.
  6. Customize CRM to make it ‘Education CRM’ (instead of a generic CRM). For example, instead of calling it “customers”, we may want to call them students.
  7. Auto creation of student account in LMS, when in CRM the lead is “converted” and the status is changed to “Student” from “Lead/opportunity”.

I was very excited about this and was very confident that I would be able to make this by writing a plugin for Sugar CRM and Moodle but unfortunately this project proposal was rejected. I asked our teachers for the reasons but they didn’t like to comment on rejection. I tried to follow all their rules for submitting project proposal but somehow they didn’t like this idea and rejected it. I still believe this is a very good idea but due to lack of time this year, I won’t be able to give it time. However, I will look forward for this and see whenever I get sometime I will start working on it. If anyone has any further ideas and time to take on this project, I would be glad to help in any capacity I could.

Now I am supposed to work on one of the project they proposed. The four projects they proposed are:

  1. Production Rejection Assessment System
  2. Macro Recording System
  3. Robotic Simulation To Detect Explosive Material
  4. Email Moderation Engine

I have now selected ‘Email Moderation Engine’ as my final year project. I am now looking for some good partner and will then start working on this. I will try to keep this space updated about this. I hope to learn quite a few things as I would be trying a few new things.

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  1. Salam.
    how r u? I am in MCS my project is also this but I have no clear idea. Plz share its first assignment with me …Thanks a lot

  2. Salam,
    I also have same project and need help in design phase 1.So please help me how can i made my designphase1.

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