Email Moderation Engine

As I discussed earlier that I am taking this as my final year project. So I have prepared and submitted SRS for this and now working on other documents for this as per VU guidelines.

While working on this, I am also helping a few other students via email / skype. I will try to share some of the details of this project here.

14 thoughts on “Email Moderation Engine”

  1. how tomake case diagram and what should we write in funtioal and non functional requirments plz help me

  2. iam in 3rd smester i am from fsd national college of it campus satiana road fsd

  3. It seems you are still stuck in basic requirements. Can you reply to my email which I sent you earlier from my VU email address to confirm your email address? I have been sharing some tips with some other fellow students and I will forward those emails to you also.

    I hope they will be helpful for you inshAllah.

  4. hy to every body ,
    i have to make this project , is there anybody to guide me that where to start , i am getting lot of confused as i dnt know where to start …

    i know php , localhost etc means have knowledge to start but not getting point to start.. plzzzzzzzz guide me

    thanks in advance

  5. Did you submit any of the assignment for this project or not yet?

    Also I would highly recommend to study the Helping Material VU provides for this. I have been sharing some tips for each phase with a group of students via email if you like I could share them with you.

  6. for Meraj Khattak:
    sir thanks for reply , actually i am unable to understand the main mechanism of this engine , so will u plz explain the main working steps of this engine , really thankful to you…

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