Presentation about web testing automation

When I was automating testing our first project, it was a web based administration app. For that, I did some research and we chose to go with Sahi. I was able to achieve about 60-70% automation with Sahi and very happy with its result. During that time, one day I also gave a presentation at my office about what and how is web testing automation with Sahi. The presentation I created for this is the following:

This presentation gives a very brief idea about web testing automation in general and with Sahi. In the coming posts, I will try to share the issues I faced both with automating testing for desktop and web apps.

Automating with TestComplete

Recently we purchased TestComplete license. After some initial phase of learning the tool, I have now started automating our actual test cases using TestComplete. Before going to start this I did the following:

  1. Studied Software Test Automation book by Mark Fewster & Dorothy Graham (highly recommended for those who are starting automating tests)
  2. Studied and watched different webinars on Automated QA’s website.

Overall, it is going smooth and good. But obviously, it is taking sometime to get used to this. In some of my next posts, I will share how I am doing with this.

So for now we are using TestComplete for desktop and Sahi for web app testing automation.

Testing Tools

For our testing automation and testing environment, some time ago I did some research on the available tools and also evaluated some of them.

I thought, that the tools of list I found during the research (though I didn’t try all of them) would be worth sharing with readers:

I will try to add a small description for each of the testing tool in the above list.