Custom WordPress Themes

Recently I worked on a few wordpress themes. It was a great experience and I found it easier to work with WordPress themes as compare to Drupal, Joomla and other CMSes. I was able to map my requirements into WordPress easily and use this a full fledge CMS. Some of the things I liked about WordPress are:

  • Open system, good documenation and help available online.
  • Hundreds of plugins availability.
  • Map pages (or category) directly to their ids/slug as page-7.php or category-development (where 7 is page id and development is category slug).
  • Use custom fields for storing custom information. These fields were very helpful and I believe one could use it many different ways while developing a custom theme.

I hope to continue my journey with working on further exciting and complex themes. I also plan to share some tips / code in the future in this regard.