Kindle Touch Review

I have got my Kindle Touch a few weeks ago and I have been using it very regularly.

Reading Experience: When I bought it my main question was will I be able to read the PDF books? I knew it is one of the best device for English books reading but I was going to use it both for English and Urdu PDFs. So even before ordering, I was a bit nervous if it would handle it or not. But it is opening and rendering the PDF documents I have in both languages smoothly and the touch system is also a blessing as I have to do a lot of zoom in/out. So I would give 9/10 for this PDF support.

Also, I have used it both in sunlight and power lights at night / room and it is easy on eye and gives a good feeling.

Reading Ashfaq Ahmed's Zavia on Kindle

Touch System: This is Amazon’s first touch Kindle device and I would say it is not bad. I agree it doesn’t match the quality of touch from Apple but at this price and the purpose for which this device is used, I am pretty satisfied with it.

Size and Weight: I really liked this device’s size. One could hold it in one hand and read for hours without any difficulties as this is very light weight.

Kindle Charging

Battery Life: This was one of the high point for me to buy this. Daily I read for about 1-1.5hrs on average and while reading due to the PDF documents, I have been zooming in / out and the battery it consumes is very less.

Experimental: There are some experimental features in this like web browser and mp3 player. Although I am not using them regularly but they worked pretty fine.

Connectivity: Being registering this device in Pakistan and using it from here, I don’t have access to the amazon services directly but via WiFi, I am able to browse Amazon Kindle Store and other websites via its experimental web browser. It was pretty easy to setup my WiFi in Kindle.

Overall I am very satisfied with this and I would recommend this for any one who likes to read. There was only one negative point which I didn’t like was to not have the power adapter included in normal purchase. It is sold separately. I didn’t know this when I ordered it and it was not easy for me to order a separate item again as my friend was bringing this for me from US.

5 thoughts on “Kindle Touch Review”

  1. i am confused whether to buy or not. How much battery backup does kindle touch give? how much is it for? 🙂 i need a good ereader. i have lots of ebooks and ca’t read them on my laptop screen. suggest please

  2. Thanks Danial for visiting my site 🙂

    If you are into reading, then Kindle Touch is one of the best option. Battery life is also very good.

    Unfortunately, I have a sponsored version (which consumes battery life even if it is off for showing ads) and also use it for reading mostly PDF books which takes more battery life, I still charge it in 2 weeks or so while I am reading for 1hr or more daily.

  3. Regarding Price of Kindle:

    • Kindle Touch (sponsored with ads) $99
    • Kindle Touch (normal) $139

      Overall it is worth this money. I also had some issues with it which after contacting Amazon support were solved quickly.

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