Email Moderation Engine Update

This is just an update regarding my final year project ‘Email Moderation Engine’.

I have been working on this but till now had been mostly doing the documentation and design document as per the university requirement. I hope to start working on the actual project skeleton and code in 2 weeks of this semester. I plan to share my thoughts and code samples here for those who would like to get an idea.

I am also trying to help a few fellow VU students along the way. I hope we all could make it on time and it is accepted.

Those who are interested in discussing / getting any help in this regard, should contact me via my email address (from Contact) or this comments on relevant posts. Please don’t post your questions on other posts on this blog which are irrelevant.

29 thoughts on “Email Moderation Engine Update”

  1. Aslamu-o-alikum

    my project title is Email moderate engine. I have completed it 60 %. i m facing problem how i store a email body in the MS Access databse because there are some special charactors in the email which are creating disturbance when i store it in the data base

  2. Walaikumsalam,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. In which language are you developing it?

    MS Access doesn’t allow some special chars insertion into database and normally you should avoid them. Normally upon insertion for such chars we escape their values. For example if you are writing this application in C#, here it is discussed on how to escape special chars for MS Access insertion.

  3. @ Meraj Khattak :
    sir i am facing a problem that i am unable to understand the main mechanism of this engine , will u plz explain the main working idea of this engine , truly thanks to u

  4. plz any one have the final report and codig i m facing the some problem with them plz help me and share with me ur coding there are some problrm

  5. Thanks for commenting.

    I am yet to work on the source code and my final report. I would suggest you to try working on it yourself so you could learn something. It is not a good idea to ask some one else to get source code.

  6. meraj i am working with E billing and verification i have no enugh time to spend on the project i have the idea but no group patner So i want to make the eassily with some fellows

  7. The same problem I am facing. I have been very busy with my full time that’s why I am quite late and still working on Design 2 document.

    But I hope in the coming two weeks by giving some dedicated time, I would be able to make it inshAllah. How do you plan to develop it? Which language or database you are planning to use?

  8. Assalam-o-Alaikum..

    Sir I have same project but i have no idea how to do source code. I just need some guidelines. Kindly help me. I want to develop it myself but need guidness.

  9. Walaikumsalam,

    Unfortunately I haven’t started working on the source code. I plan to do this from this weekend inshAllah.

    Could you tell me in which language you are planning to do this?

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  11. Very sorry to see this. Why don’t you guys help students in learning instead of promoting cheating?

    I am really very sad to see such comment from an already working professional.

  12. @Meraj bhai,
    Please tell me how can I develop this application. What tools and language should I use. Will it be a Web based application or can make it desktop as well? Please mail me with detail if you don’t feel it inconvenient. Can u provide me a couple of screen shots so that I may have idea of its flow?? please bhai jaldi

  13. @Meraj Bhai,
    Thanks for ur detail mail, it really served for me as guideline. mein ne jaisy ap ne bataya tha gmail se mail read ker lein hein apny project mein through pop3. But abi tak mujy priority wala scenario clear nahi howa.. mein ab apny page per priority kaisy set ker sakta hon…? Please koi screen shot de dein agr ap k pass he tu jis per priority ka kam howa waa ho….or ye b bataein mein code mein priority and sms alert kaisy implement keron….ap k jawab ka muntazar…

  14. Thanks for getting back. Nice to know about your progress. For priorities as I mentioned in email, there are two way When you are getting emails from gmail:

    1. Get emails via IMAP and store your priorities in flags for that.

    2. Get emails via POP and emails for which you have set priorities, save their info in your local storage e.g. database, file and then when fetching again read the priorities from there for that specific email.

    I didn’t get much time recently so I haven’t been able to look into this more in detail. But I hope it should be easier. Let me know if you get stuck or have any questions.

  15. @Meraj Bhai,
    I am still stuck in priority feature..ap ne kaha he k specific info ko db mein insert kerna he…it is confusing k mail tu mein gmail ke read ker raha hon how to insert in db? secondly how to set reminders for specific date jo automatically show ho jay??? kia es k liy sql job ya koi window service use kerny pary ge..please guide???

  16. Sorry Touseef. I had been very busy and then due to some power outage, I couldn’t complete my code on this Sunday.

    Regarding, priorities and flag I was thinking to save some information in db. It will work as the following:
    1. Fetch email from server e.g. gmail.
    2. Set priority for that specific email in db via its unique id which pop or imap server will give you.
    3. Now when your page loads your inbox page, it should create two lists one emails from server but filter those emails for which have matching record (against its unique id) in our db and show them in priority pane.

    Let me know how does it sound. If not yet clear, then I will try to clear this more inshAllah 🙂

  17. Thanks for reply meeraj bhai…Priority pane ka scenario to samaj mein agaya lekin ek bat abi b tang ker rahe he 🙁 how to set reminders for specific date jo automatically show ho jay??? kia es k liy sql job ya koi window service use kerny pary ge..please guide???

  18. That would also work almost the same way as priority 🙂

    We will save date and time according to the unique id of email in database. And write a script which will run every 1 or so mints via cron in Linux and schedule job in windows. That script will run a query over reminder database and according to that it will show a pop up or send SMS.

    I hope it clears things. Let me know if you are still having issues.

  19. @Meeraj bhaaaai,
    You have mentioned that pop3 will give us unique id jis ke base per ham priority set ker sakty hien db mail mailId se compare ker k.. liken jo scenario mein use ker raha hon wahan unique id tu get nahi ho rahee it is seriel number actualy… mien ap ko link b send ker raha hon jahan se code mein ne copy kia he ? So mein priority pane kasy bana paon ga? phans sa gaya hon g 🙂
    plz guide..

  20. thanks if u share may b i bring about some positive changes in my project.I had added a web service for sending sms but its not working and couldn’t find any web service freely available for this purpose.. If u know plz let me know..

  21. I am doing it in PHP, MySQL. I haven’t got to the SMS part so I didn’t look into that as yet.

    Currently my project is about 70% complete. I hope to complete it 100% in the coming few days inshAllah.

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